Our Values


We come with celebration

We are thankful and excited about what Christ has done, and continues to do in our lives. Because of this, our worship services are high energy. We celebrate the life we have and we come with an expectation ready to receive from the Word of God.


We give generously

Our God is a generous God. We reflect that as the Church! We have a saying around here that is short and sweet. ‘And then some.’ What this means is we go above and beyond in all areas, including our finances. We support several overseas missionaries and organizations that work to further the Kingdom, as well as many ministries right here at home. Click Here to learn more about supported ministries.



We take risks

When Jesus called the disciples to ‘follow Him’, they each took a massive risk. Jesus also revealed that following Him is not always easy. We never want to play it safe when it comes to the Kingdom. We are a people that take risks as we seek to follow God wherever He may lead us.


We choose to contribute

We provide many areas and opportunities for people to take part in the ministry we are doing. From Kids Corner and Hospitality Team, to Live It Saturdays and Connect Groups, there are many areas for us to serve in. We choose to contribute to what the Lord is doing in and through our Church and not just be consumers. (We choose to contribute by getting in the game instead of just consume and critique on the sidelines.)


we think generationally

The youth are the Church of today - not tomorrow. We believe in thinking generationally and leaving a legacy worth following. God is always moving and always calling, and we never want to discount the generation coming up behind us. We are passionate about not just pouring into the next generation for ministry tomorrow, but to equip them for ministry today! 



We connect people to life

Everything we do in and outside the walls of the church has one goal in mind. In John 14:6, Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life…”  Our desire is that we would constantly be pointing people to and connecting them with Jesus. This is done in both word and action, not just one or the other.



We offer grace

Grace changes everything. This is something we know personally, as the grace and mercies poured out on us are new every morning. It is through this lens that we view every aspect of our ministry. The grace that God offers is radical and amazing, and we strive to show people this grace in all that we say and do.


We thrive in community

Community is what God has created us for, not isolation. We know that doing life together is the key to thriving in the Kingdom. Our worship services are not the only opportunity we have to get to know others and grow in relationship. Through serving on teams and joining connect groups, we gain the opportunity to be encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ.