We believe that it is a primary role of a believer in Christ to live selflessly. The overwhelming example of Christ is that he gave of himself so that others could live abundantly. We want to join in the mission of Jesus Christ, and serve people in a way that is both radical and relevant. We believe in meeting practical needs, as well as spiritual needs so that every member of the body has the best possible environment in which to mature in discipleship. By our deeds, those who are far from Christ might see His love and come to relationship with him..

John 3.16   |   John 10.10   |   Matthew 28.19   |   Matthew 5.16


It has been said that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ While we acknowledge the ability of God to bring about a miracle in a moment that changes everything, we believe that more often God chooses to use a process. In Genesis, God instituted time. He issued the sun and the moon to govern it, and He called this cycle ‘good.’ The process of time brings healing, hope, restoration and a greater revelation of Jesus- if we’ll allow it. We exist to encourage people as they experience the process of God in their lives in ways that lead them to progress in faith.

Mark 5.25-29   |   Matthew 8.6-8   |   1 Thessalonians 5.11


We all have different stories and different experiences. At Cornerstone, we believe that God can change anyone at anytime regardless of his or her current situation. In Christ, He makes us new. He loves you just as you are. Regardless of your past, God can use it for His glory. Not all things are good and from God, but we believe that He can and will use all things for His purpose and plan in furthering His Kingdom.No matter what season of life you find yourself in, God is for you and He wants to make an impact through you.

2 Corinthians 5.17   |   Romans 8.28   |   Romans 8.31


We are all on a different journey and it is our goal to equip you to do the things that God has called you to do. We believe the Christian life is lived both corporately and individually and we encourage everyone to seek to understand the unique purposes and plan that God has crafted specifically for you.

Ephesians 4.12